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Meteo Paray-le-Monial


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Message of Paray

Message of Paray

In the 17th century, Christ appeared to St Margaret Mary. Between 1673 and 1675, He entrusted her with three great messages for the Church and for the world. She revealed the content, helped in this by St Claude La Colombière.

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What do these messages contain ?

They add nothing to the Gospel, they simply clarify certain aspects. One can distinguish three main points :

Christ appears to St Margaret Mary during the Adoration of the Most Holy Sacrament. He shows her His Heart "so full of Love for mankind". It is a declaration of the Love of God for each of us. We tend to see God as a sort of indistinct force or like a master and a judge. Through St Margaret Mary, God proposes to us a heart to heart relationship with each one of us.
St Margaret Mary sees "Christ, radiating in glory with His five wounds shining like five suns." Christ offers us His Love and His Mercy. But we do not always respond to this love! We lead our lives without bothering about God. However, the secret of the message of Paray is that God needs our love. He does not want to live without this exchange of love from Him to us and from us to Him.
Christ asks Margaret Mary to be His friend. If she accepts, she "will compensate", that is to say she will console the Sacred Heart of Jesus for the infidelity of many. Christ asks this of each of us : do we want to be His friends? This question is the main thing asked in Paray. Do we want to recognise this love, respond to this call, and by doing this console the Heart of God ? Our life will be coloured very differently, and will become a life that is inspired by the heart.

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Message of Paray

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